The 4D3d Game Apps have been designed and developed as an illustration of the relationships between the 3-Dimensional Space and the 4-Dimensional Space.

The Puzzles are made of various ELEMENTS: Cubes, Spheres, Capsules, and/or Cylinders.
The Puzzle Elements and their articulations are modeled by software and rendered on the two dimensional screens/displays of Mobile Devices or Computers.

Screenshots of the Apps

The Puzzles show different degrees of difficulty. For example a Puzzle with Spheres is more difficult to solve since the Spheres seem to float in space when rotated. The 16-Element Puzzles are even more difficult to solve.

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Fluo 3d Puzzles Game Apps
4D3dPuzzles Game Apps

We understand that Rotation and Orbiting of 3-dimensional Elements on a flat screen might be new for you. In this regard we have designed the FREE Basic Cubic-Puzzles Game App to familiarize you with such Rotation and Orbiting to prepare you to enjoy the 4D3dPuzzles Game Apps and Fluo 3d Puzzles Game Apps which are more complex.

Basic Cubic-Puzzles Game App

  • Improving your problem solving skills
  • Improving your hand-eye coordination
  • Improving your dexterity
  • Improving your ability to determine the spacial orientation of objects.