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The basic 3d-Puzzle is made of eight Cubes of the same size that are articulated and can simulate the unfolding of a
4D HyperCube or 4D Tesseract from the 4-Dimension Space into a 3d-Cross in our 3-Dimension Space.

The 4D3dPuzzles website explores in an easy to understand way the 3 and 4 Dimension Spaces
and how they relate to the 3d-Puzzle.
The 3d-Puzzles are Sequential Movement Puzzles requiring repeated manipulations to get the Solution.
The website shows how the 3d-Puzzles can be used to improve dexterity, sensory skills, spacial orientation of objects, problem solving, concentration, focus, persistence, spacial geometry and more.

8-minute YouTube Video: Overview of 4D3dPuzzles

NOTE: If you are interested in a Christian version of this product line
please go to the HyperCube of Love website.

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PC & Mobile Game Apps

The 4D3dPuzzles featured in the 4D3dPuzzles Game App and the Fluo 3d Puzzles Game App
are made of various ELEMENTS:
Cubes, Spheres, Capsules and Cylinders

4D3dPuzzles Game Apps
Fluo 3d Puzzles Game Apps

The 4D3dPuzzles and the Fluo 3d Puzzles are solved by Hovering, Rotating the Puzzles Elements and, if necessary, Orbiting the Puzzles.

Particles and sound will inform you when the Solution has been reached.

More details can be found on the Game Apps page.

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Digital Books

By examining and explaining the simple Geometry of Spacial Dimensions the Digital Books are invaluable resources to young and old of all education levels, and educators that have a keen interest in understanding in particular the 4th and 3rd Dimension Spaces and their relationships.

Are you curious about the 3-Dimension Space and the 4-Dimension Space as they relate to the 3d-Puzzles?

Multimedia Book

This 166-page Multimedia Book with a 36-page indexed glossary addresses some important topics such as: What is the 4-Dimensional Space? What are the HyperCubes? Unfolding Geometrical Objects, the Idea & Concept of the 3d-Puzzle, Benefits of the 3d-Puzzles, etc. Its content is illustrated by a lot of MULTI-TOUCH MULTIMEDIA such as Videos, Image Galleries and Review Quizzes. A Glossary with Index will help you with definitions and explanations. Are you ready to be challenged?

Click here for more details

Abridged Book

This 118-page Abridged Book in PDF format is an abridged version of the Multimedia Book. It does not contain a Glossary or MULTI-TOUCH MULTIMEDIA content.

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The 3d-Puzzle made by an advanced 3D Printer is a Limited Edition available now
for purchase at the 3d-Puzzles & tesserART Shop. It will be shipped directly to you from the Factory of the Future.

It is a Collection Item.




3d-Puzzle Solution

The 3d-Puzzles of different sizes (2", 4", 8", 12" and 16"), material and articulation-hinges are targeting audiences including young children (preschool and up), teens, young adults, middle age and seniors, people affected by various types of disability, therapists and patients in special facilities with a fresh approach to life improvement.

The 3d-Puzzles starting at 4" are presently under development.

Various Puzzle Sizes

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The tesserART objects are based on Tesseract and HyperCube elements of geometry.

They are very unique Desk or Table Sculptures and Jewelry that are now available for purchase
at the 3d-Puzzles & tesserART Shop.

They are produced by advanced 3D Printing technology.

Sculptures and Jewelry


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EcoSystem of 3dPuzzles, Game Apps, Services & tesserART
EcoSystem of 3dPuzzles, Game Apps, Services & tesserART

5-minute YouTube Video: 4D3dPuzzles EcoSystem