Unfolding our Story - From an Idea to an Invention

The 4D3dPuzzles Project had its origin in a reading of a passage of the Bible - Ephesians 3: 18 - that mentions 4 Dimensions "May be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the WIDTH and LENGTH and DEPTH and HEIGHT".

Then came the IDEA of a 8 Cube 3d-Puzzle made of Cubes of the same sizes that are articulated and can simulate the unfolding of an HyperCube or Tesseract from the 4 Dimension Space in a 3d-Cross in our 3 Dimension Space or universe.

Idea Our Story

The 4D3dPuzzles Project was initiated and started as a division of LightBe Corp with the objective to develop and bring to market the Products and Services of its EcoSystem.

8 Cube Puzzle & Solution

The Red Cornerstone of the 3d-Puzzle is at the center of the 3d-Cross Solution

Prototypes were designed using CAD software, built and tested using 3D Printing. The first 3d-Puzzles were then manufactured by 3D Printing and are now available in the STORE.

3D Printed Puzzle

In this age of mobile technology Game Apps have been developed by rendering the 3d-Puzzle on a flat screen.

Digital Multimedia & Multi-Touch Books have been written to reach people curious about the Project.

We are confident that 4D3dPuzzles and its Products & Services are bold, wide ranging, provocative and very engaging, and that they will reach all kinds of people, in particular educators, students in the classrooms with a better understanding of geometry, and therapists and patients in special facilities with a fresh approach to life improvement.

The Complete Story In Images

4D3dPuzzles Team