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4D3dPuzzles invention video

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Buy the 3d-Printed Puzzles

The 3d-Puzzles made by 3D Printing are made in one piece with NO assembly needed.

The 3d-Puzzle made by an advanced 3D Printer is a Limited Edition.

It is a Collection Item that will be shipped directly to you from the Factory of the Future.

The intellectual property of the 3d-Puzzle is protected. It is Patent Pending.

Purchase the 3d-Puzzles at the Factory of the Future

To buy a 3d-printed Puzzle go to the tesserART page.

Please note that the plastic 3D tesserART printed products are intended for decorative purposes. They are not suited to be used as toys or to be given to underage children. The products should not come into contact with electricity and be kept away from heat.

Sample Manipulatiions

Typical views of some 3d-Puzzle manipulations

Finishes for Plastic Products

Polished Plastic available in these Colors Polished Plastic available in these Colors

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